Bow Top Fencing: Master Class in 'Raking'


Bow top fencing and gates provide a medium level of security due to the height of the fencing therefore its usually installed at Recreation Areas or playgrounds, schools and new build housing.

We believe a fence should blend into the surroundings and give the impression that it has always been there unless it’s a security fence where its main purpose is to deter and frighten off potential intruders. We think that if installed correctly a fence should complement its surroundings and hardly be noticed by passers-by.

For very little extra in cost we would always prefer to get bow top made to suit the gradients on site. ‘Standard’ level panels can be made to step down hill but having panels raked gives a much better finish and appearance. Lead times are slightly longer but the results are well worth the wait.

If your site is likely to be used by children and the general public, we would recommend reducing the bow spacing to 96mm and reducing the height of the bow to comply with neck trap regulations. This makes it compliant with BSEN 1176 which is the European Standards for playground equipment.

A range of different colours are available as well as the possibility of making panels to suit a radius.

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