Arfon Multi Use Games Area


Having been to repair the old weld-mesh fencing surround several times, Gwynedd Council decided it was time to invest in some stronger fencing around the two all weather football pitches near the Arfon Leisure Centre in Caernarfon. We had undertaken a similar contract for Gwynedd at the Bangor Football pitches approximately 5 years previously which has been very successful.

The scheme at Caernarfon was not as simple as the usual stand alone Arfon Multi Use Games Area’s we have installed across North Wales. The fencing had to incorporate a 1 metre high brick wall around the whole surround. The Council also wanted to increase the height of the boundary parallel to the roadside to 4060mm high above the wall. The fence in the specification was an 868 weld-mesh panel complete with 2 no. pedestrian access gates.

Our hydraulic pecker on the excavator proved invaluable on this project as the walls foundations were bigger than we had expected. The pecker also ensured that the installers hand arm vibration limits were never exceeded.

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